All Things Significant Involves in a Bunny–Bunny #1 – Bromance

Thanks to K & J Dolls, the wobbly arm bunny was made in no time–they got awesome patterns and really cool dolls.

Um.. back to the right tangent–My friend had always sent me the crazy icons of the bunnies during our red-eye paper crunching all nighters and internet chats, so I just thought it would be a good parting gift.

Around 10 years ago, I went away from home to a different city for school.  Even though it’s close by, it’s not exactly easy to meet people in a new city.  Certainly it doesn’t help I was a lot more introverted back then than now.  Out of nowhere, I met someone at a student dinner and we chatted as if though we’ve met ages ago.  The next day, I borrowed a graphing calculator from her and we ended up talking and walking around the city for a whole day.  Days became weeks and weeks of hangouts eventually became roommates–yes it’s a bromance!

Alas, all things must come to an end in order for something new and amazing to come.  She ended up having to leave for somewhere far too inconvenient to swing by–you know, just across the ocean–no big deal.  As a parting gift, I have made her this:

wobblebunny1      wobblebunny2

 She’s now being awesome in Asia and taking the bunny with her as her faithful companion!



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