A year or so ago, I was going through a bit of a rough time. Needless to say, I have mastered the arts of crochet meditation where I focussed on nothing but crocheting while my mind raced into oblivion. Out of trying to cope with transitions and trying to balance the vibes by making others happy, I have made these critters.


The top blue jelly is actually Molly’s friend Maurice who is around Molly’s size.  They are now BOTH staying with me (oh lordy… how many jellyfish can I handle?  There are definitely more than two of them that I have adopted).

Giant jellyfish was made before Mrs. Taffy’s surgery to wish her a speedy recovery—but LEND was the word I used for Mrs. Taffy.  Now it takes up the bland yet unbelievably comfortable pre-owned Ikea chair on most days.

As for the huggable size raindrop, it’s for a friend who was also going through some rocky times–just to remind him that rainy days aren’t all that bad.  At least one can hug the raindrop who will always be smiling at you.


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