How it all began: Details for the Curious ones

When I was growing up, I have never really held a ball of yarn.

At least as I remember, it’s only for cutting and definitely not for making things. While most crafters seem to have grown up with their skill of choice and have become a master artisan at age 10, I never had that experience.

Every story has a beginning, and the legends often start off with a parent.  For that reason, I’m picking on mom.

The legend is true that Mrs. Waffy-Taffy (my mom) is  really a  good cook, an extremely awesome cookie baker, a great writer, and maker of all things flat like prints–but she can’t make any non-edible 3D things from scratch to save her life. Needless to say, sewing, knitting and crocheting are all out of the equation.

“Where did things go wrong?”

is always Mrs. Taffy’s question. You see, the Taffy family lore states that Grandma Waffy used to be a master knitter, seamstress and crocheter–but I have not seen it in action since I was born. These days, Granny is busy pretending to be a bit senile and claims to have forgotten everything.


I say pretending is because she can clearly list all the family dinners that I’ve missed for the past 6 months. To make it worse, sometimes she could even list the days when I didn’t answer her phone calls. Likewise, Great Grandma Waffy was not really that much help. At the rightful age of 95, she could still throw oranges at you (true story) but she did not crochet. So naturally, I knew nothing about using sticks to loopy loop loop and make something awesome until my late 20’s.

Since then, something magical had happened.  Long story short, it involved a discount store, creating Mrs. Taffy’s birthday gift, and consulting the 21st century oracle known as the Internet.  (Kudos to all the yarn gurus for your free tutorials!) These days I am hooked on crocheting, trying to bring my random imagination to life and making people happy.


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