Junior Papercraft Hoarder award goes to…

Who doesn’t like papercraft?


Even a horribly coordinated child like myself, was all over that stuff. I remember when I was visiting my cousins, they had not one but TWO thick papercraft books that could REALLY hurt some roaches. They were all colourful and shizzle, and they were printed on awesome quality glossy cardboard paper. Since I am quite a few years older than them, I asked if it’s possible for me to take the higher difficulty level papercraft. Well, it was a mistake since the item turned out, but I kept wanting to do more. So I went home and asked my mom if she could get me a copy but it was too expensive. So I ended up moping for a bit until one day, we saw the books on sale. HUZZAH! Jackpot! So I asked again and this time, I got ONE. As you can imagine, I went home and ripped through the whole thing. That was… amazing—only to have my family deal with the multiple pieces of “junk” that they have purchased for the kid to create.

Then came my immature late 20’s

Now that I’m old enough to have a job, I consciously said to myself that I should allocate some time that I don’t have onto papercraft. Much like an individual who suffers from midlife crisis, I have unleashed that repression and went all out. Staying up in the middle of the night and poking at free papercraft websites, an idea had entered my mind.

An Adult Irresponsibility must come with A TRACE of responsibility

In this case, it’s seeing my parents dealing with the after effect of my papercraft.  Certianly you must realize that when the prints were nets of shapes, they were flat.  Once they were made, your house suddenly becomes a little hoarder-ish.  So being “enlightened” by this notion, I thought I should put this to good use.

A few years ago, I had an awesome old boss and a co-worker who was my childhood friend.  Since my then boss was away for vacation, I have decided to pitch this idea to my crafty accomplice.  She thought it rocked and so together, we’ve decided to turn the boss’s office into a Sweet Shoppe. Thanks to all the awesome designers and artists online, we’re able to surprise the heck out of her!

If you are into papercrafts, do check out these artists:

Papercraft Nyan Cat Machine, by kamibox


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