Alas, an update and everything has changed AHHHHH!

It had been so terribly long since I’ve updated my blog, and I REALLY don’t like changes. Whether I like it or not, changes were made and since my last update, I have…


  • Stumbled upon an amazing Mexican restaurant during a sh*t storm
  • Discovered a local old fashion Soda/Fountain Beverage Shop
  • Assisted a fallen bumblebee and nursed it back to flight
  • Once again, rolled 10+ sided dice playing table top with designer vinyl figurines
  • Acquired Shamy figurines and ended up with just Sheldon Cooper on my desk
  • Rented a button maker, found a local store to order the parts & made a bunch of pinback buttons
  • Grudgingly bid farewell to a ROCKING neighborhood cat (RIP cat)
  • Securing down a job & w/awesome coworkers who picked me flowers
  • Moved to a new living arrangement
  • Hosted a nostalgic, childhood-like conspiracy theory themed birthday party
  • Baked an alien autopsy cake & made a UFO light out of tupperware and lights
  • Saw some nerdy graffiti & started cooking.

That’s a list of mundane accomplishments there, but I am pretty easily excited to begin with in the first place.

On a side note, between my increasing job responsibilities and other distractions, I get shoddy when it comes to updates.  So now I am starting to even admire more of the hardcore crafters/bloggers out there who are able to keep up. Either way, Molly the Jellyfish has been complaining about the lack of attention I’ve given to both her and her yarn… so here we are.

Yarning Progress:
I’m finally warming up to crocheting again by starting with a special Jellyfish for Mr. C. –stay tuned to find out what it is!

Right down to Business
Oh right, good news too! I’m also starting to get some requests for yarn stuff–which I’m quite excited about but I’m still trying to ease my way in.  So this week, I finally thought to make a few (literally a few) pretend business cards.

Troubles come with having a Jellyfish zipping around my room. Molly saw the business card and got very excited. She thought that business cards are like greeting cards. Before I could say anything, she scribbled all over them and signed them.

Needless to say, I had to spend some time crossing out the messages. I don’t know about you, but I was taught that crossing out someone’s name is impolite. So now, the Molly Marmalade business cards are full of crossed out scribbles with “Molly the Jelly” signed in the bottom. Oh well! I’m sure we’ll do “JUST FINE” when it comes to being professional, right Molly? Yep.. she said “Awesome!” That’s it for now!

– Ms. Taffy


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