Greatest Achievement of 2013 (is a lie)

snowconebrothersHere peeps, open your mouth so I can feed you a lie.

The epic Ms. Taffy “greatest achievement of 2013” came as a painful pun. It always starts like this: I wake up and I’m not cranky. On the same pulp-less, zest-less days, I have painfully punny cartoons running through my head. While some puns are worse than others, this particular pun has materialized.  Now comes the truth: Puns aren’t achievements at all. Nonetheless in the name of our jolly holiday, here is what I’ve done:

I’ve always had a fondness for the Abominable Snowman. Out of SNOWwhere (Ha got you), a game show scenario came into my head where the blob monster host says “Behold, the Abominable Snow cone!”

Sh*t son, that’s awesome, I thought to myself. Despite the game show prize being a friggin’ Abominable Snow Plow, I don’t think I have the balls to come up with that. Before I know it, I scribbled the ideas onto the Ms. Taffy Book of Madness and started to come up with the shapes.

abominable snowcone finished
These guys became rather welcomed and I even got an order for them.  So next year, if you ever wanted Abominable Snow Cone for your tree–you know who to bother!  I will also be releasing a pattern for a couple people who have requested them ONLY for personal use.

Back to the mundane, the lesser accomplishments

Remember the snowball wreath pattern that I’ve posed earlier from Repeat Crafter Me as seen below?

Well below is a hack job of it.  Because I’m always on a budget, purchasing a full on foam ring is considered “splurging”; thus being categorized as a non-sustainable source of crafting.  Instead, I went and did things the hard way by getting a flat ring panel for $3.00.  Similarly, I crocheted a rectangular piece following similar instructions on the site and used the “sew as you stuff” method like a bad Thanksgiving Turkey surgery.  Instead of a full wreath, stuffing this fibre board ring results in a flat back with a poofy front.


 Usually before the person receives my creation, I don’t post the complete product so here is my non-immaculate, counter-Martha Stewart, completely imperfect wack-job version:

PhotoGrid_1386858880209 Because the snowballs took a while to complete, I’ve made the liberty of setting Codey, the computer coding snow girl at my work tree.  Look, Codey got cloned because of a request–and she has another friend!



One of the more satisfying aspects of making both yarn critters and stuff is having some freedom to create my own hamdingers. From engaging with other peeps through a popular vote system to an incredibly general request, I find myself enjoying the process despite having to take twice or sometimes three times longer than following an existing pattern. The Cock-A-WTF-Tiel hat is essentially based off of an anatomically incorrect cockatiel “birdie” made specially for an infant girl.  On the down side, I have fully neglected to notate this into the Ms. Taffy Book of Madness, so I may have to test it out again and can no longer make the exact replica.  

Next are the Dental Problem Monsters, most beloved by (presumably) orthodontists.

Monsterhat1 monsterhat2

Lastly, this hat is supposed to go as a set.. but that’s just going to have to wait. More stories will come attached to this hat.  For now, I need to get some sleep.


Looking back

Things went pretty well especially when I saw the smile on people’s faces the moment they received these gifts! However, one minor disappointing factor is the fact that I couldn’t do a rushed order in time. Apparently I found an order got dropped & returned to me because I wasn’t able to deliver a set of critters in time.

Because I’m just starting off without a lot of assistance, this incident did take a bit of a toll on me. It shouldn’t matter much though… but it does.  Frankly, I find myself double guessing at what I am doing–and will take a short break to make something for myself instead.


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