Hey, looking good! Crochet Dapper Gear

boo_tie2I absolutely love Ties & Bow ties

Apart from my classic oxford shoes, they were possibly two of my favourite parts of my school uniform from when I was a child–ties for winter, and bow ties for summer.  Even years ago when I had a cat companion, I got some ribbons and made him a bow :3


Of course now bow ties have been back in style for a while now and Mr. C had been eyeing them for sometime. Over the holidays, Mr. C had grudgingly said he would go with me to a local craft show called Got Craft–which I highly recommend peeps to check it out if you’re in Vancouver. When we got in, Mr. C got quite excited when he saw the artists. Just like last time, he zipped here and there to examine all the fascinating booths oooing and ahhing at the amazing craftsmanship. It didn’t take long for us to locate Belevedere and we finally got him a handmade bow tie! Check out Barefoot Contessa’s article on Belvedere–Classy Goods for Classy Gents.

Would you like to crochet your own “Dapper Set” & look like my Dapper Cat?


Of course, one can certainly expect no less from the ever so fascinating Moogly Blog. Coming from a place that delivers you the giant octopus logo and incorporates World Domination into their fibre art slogan: A free bow/bow tie pattern by Busting Stitches. “Certainly my cat cushion, blankets and mittens need to look dapper!” I thought to myself, “It’s the perfect one-up-manship, a perfect yarn bombing (yarn graffiti) opportunity”.

1) Before I get too carried away in my head, I should really share this recent discovery with you:
This very bow / bow tie pattern – Comes in different sizes too!

2) But wait….. there’s more: In order to make yourself look more like Dapper Cat, you need a mustache and there are 7 free mustache patterns you can choose from thanks to Fab N’ Free

3) Lastly, an ill-fitted top hat that’s way too small: Crocheter Passionfyre had shared her version of a mini top hat that sits multiple sizes too small & perfectly so on one’s head.

4) Locate a wizard and consult him on the topic of anthropomorphic cartoon feline transformation process.  Be sure to inquire about the reversal/antidote and bargain for a full package deal.

Will there be an opportunity for me to “Dapper Cat” things around the city? Hmmmmmm….. If you decide to do so before me, do share pictures!


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