Setting up the Flat & House Warming: I’m making progress

Setup2Still too busy with Life Stuff!

Between settling in at my new flat and finishing up a major event at work and taking on even MORE responsibilities than before… I barely had time to breathe!  Thankfully, I’ve had some days off here and there, so I am still gradually setting up my new home.

Long story short, the place is still rather cluttered due to poor time management, but I’m excited that it’s finally coming along!

Setup1Alas, A Fully functional kitchen that’s organized?

Apart from thinking, reading and crafting, cooking & baking is actually a part of my decompressing routine. To me, there’s always a greater satisfaction when my decompressing outlets fall inside of functional demands.  I mean hey… most of us have to eat in order to survive anyway right?

Faking it: Close all doors to the rooms & Pretend the flat is organized!

A couple weeks ago, we had a low profile house warming event.  Due to my introversion, I’m usually inclined to create interactive activities for guests to engage in.  This time was no different: I came up with a “Mix your own drinks” station instead of boring old drinks.



With a fully functional kitchen and all my gears finally unpacked, I made some fresh fruit syrups like Peaches, Strawberries and Lychee. They were surprisingly popular! We also put out some fizzies, juices, home brewed iced tea, pop, ice, lemons, rosewater and booze.  Throw them in a mason jar, shake them, and pop in a paper straw. Voila!

Stuff1Other activities include “Claim a Cat” colouring guest book ( Poster is from Draw Me A Lion), as well as “Make your own Sundae Bar” with crushed cookie, chocolate bars & other toppings, dinosaur sprinkles and strawberry syrups.

Now that things are coming along…a free pattern?

I’m back to focusing more on crocheting and I’m coming up with some newish designs. First… I’m going to be releasing my Jellyfish Crochet Pattern VERY soon! You can make your own Jellyfish and contribute towards the Adopt A Jelly Project! Stay tuned!


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