“Drink Sloth Milk Today”

The thing about having roommates

IMAG2121_2is that we’re kind of ruthless to each other.  Just the other day, I was mentioning that we’re running low on milk while I emptied the last bit of Almond Breeze into my coffee. “Remind me to grab some milk when we head out,” I said to roommate #1.  Immediately she responded with “What kind?”

In my head, it was clear and self-explanatory.  Of course! Only almond milk that goes with coffee and cereal. Roommate #1 doesn’t even drink moo milk! For the rest of us, the good old glass bottle MOOOO milk belongs to baking, cooking and soup.

“Sloth” I said with a straight face, “Sloth milk”.

The next day, I woke up to a message on our fridge:


“Don’t drink and drive,” she added, “Sloth milk will make you slow and drowsy.”


Action speaks louder than words. So I picked up some slot milk for her along with some almond milk for myself.  Frankly I should have crocheted in rounds (amigurumi), but it became a bit of a quick and sloppy job in an attempt to uphold its structure. Oh well, it’s SLOTH MILK!  Perhaps I will improve on this design and bring some more odd milk into the market such as Hippo Milk and Giraffe Milk.  How about Pelican milk?  Wait… mammals only? I don’t even know what’s going on any more.

Either way, the sloth milk is now sitting on Roommate #1’s desk.  I hope she’ll commend me for being proactive in getting her the sloth milk that she wanted *cough*

That’s it for now.  I will be uploading some of my WIP and other recent work later this week!  WOOP WOOP.


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