Simon: A lesson in waiting, monster of encouragement

I have nearly forgotten about Simon, one of my personal favourites. Yet I haven’t bothered to give him arms and legs for years.

From the time I started to design Simon to subsequent years, I was undergoing what seemed to be a never-ending streak of loss: the termination of a long relationship, the passing of a well loved pet, the loss of a dear friend to terminal illness, and other not-so-good times.

I am finally willing to acknowledge that I’ve been putting Simon off. I haven’t been ready to be reminded of the tougher times.

Something feels different when I look at Simon this time.  While I’m currently going through a period of uncertainties, I feel motivated.

Simon peeked down at me from the top of the shelf, patiently waiting for me to return: Mohawk style spikes, a huge smile, septum piercing and all. Maybe I have changed. When I look at Simon this time, my over-active imagination can almost hear him say “It’s ok. I know it had been years, but I’ll wait. I know you’ll give me limbs whenever you’re ready.

“Whenever you’re ready”

That’s always the key right? Sometimes we may wish to tackle every goal that we have set for ourselves, but things happen in life and we are forced to let go until further notice.

As a design that was initially associated with pain & grief, the newly completed Simon has transformed into critter of encouragement, inspiration, and retrospection. This critter has reminded me that no matter how bad things are, I can overcome them in due time. I can learn to grow, a new & more compatible relationship would blossom, my spirit can be restored, and grief can be overcome.

Simon02 Simon03


Maybe one day, I’ll take Simon out to a punk rock or metal show….that is if I can still survive a late night out at this age.


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