Jelly Adoption Edition: Barry’s Road Trip

pogo Dear Barry, 

I heard you end up staying with Molly and her sister. That must be fun! I was nervous at first, but my new family turns out to be awesome! They are a super sweet couple. 

Come visit me in California soon. My family said you can stay with me when you visit. I miss you bud!

Say hi to Molly and Holly for me!


 Story of Pogo and barry

When they were just polyps, Barry and Pogo knew they were different from other jellyfish. After all, imagination-powered jellyfish are not exactly common in the ocean. They travelled everywhere looking for adventures as kindred spirits until one day:


“Whoa! I’ve always wanted to do that, ” both jellyfish exclaimed and decided to make their way towards the Jelly Adoption Hub.  Unfortunately the waves were too strong and they were separated.

Arriving a year apart, Barry was thrilled to know that Pogo was adopted by a family in California. As for Barry? My partner was charmed by the blue jelly’s inquisitiveness, love for food, and easily excitable personality and took on the role as the adoptive parent.

road trip!!!!

Barry wouldn’t stop bothering my partner about the amazing road trip upon receiving Pogo’s letter. Finally a few months ago, my partner arranged for a road trip to California with his friends and took Barry with him:


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