{Creative Juice #1.1} Pareidolia + Crochet Designs: Market Bag

fantastical blender

Welcome to the first segment of Molly’s Fantastical Blender! The idea behind this segment is to get a sample of the creative juice that’s happening in Molly Marmalade’s design kitchen.

Volume 1 | See Things, Learn a word

“It’s a horse galloping across Cotton Candy Land,” Holly the jellyfish said.
“Nono, it’s a mongoose chasing off a unicorn that’s wearing a box on its head!” Molly replied.
“Oh come on, everyone knows they’re just clouds,” Berry the giant jellyfish argued.

Pareidolia: noun par·ei·do·lia \ˌper-ˌī-ˈdōl-ē-ə, –ˈdōl-yə\
the tendency to perceive a specific, often meaningful, image in a random or ambiguous visual pattern  — compare apophenia

– Merriam-Webster Online Dictionary

While the jellyfish argued about what they saw in the sky, I’ve been working on a few ideas that are loosely inspired by pareidolia. Whether you have heard of the term or not, it’s actually a fairly common psychological phenomenon with varying a degree of severity. Some of the more well-known pareidolia examples include the infamous Virgin Mary toast, Man in the Moon, Potato Chip Elvis, or “faces” that appears on day to day items like wall sockets.

According to a research from 2000, published in the Journal of Cognitive Neuroscience, different combinations of brain regions are involved in various types of pareidolia: alphabetical perception would require a different combination than that from a facial perception. Furthermore in a 2014 publication from Cortext , researchers found that primary visual cortex and prefrontal cortex are mainly responsible for face pareidolia phenomenon.

Experience Pareidolia? Make it!

Photo by Flickr user nazzen9009

Simple inspiration can begin to flow for people who experience pareidolia. After all when one can see the outcome, why not make it so?  It takes just a bit of imagination to initiate a simple creative process.

Designer/Artist Matt Caliman had also made this process simple: His Etsy: Creative Outlet Shop offers stickers that can turn your wall socket into cartoon faces!

Molly’s Fantastical Blender

Creative Juice: Market Tote Bag Style #1

Instead of just seeing faces or letters from patterns, making a small stretch of imagination is pretty helpful when it comes to crochet designs. Most of the market tote bags available online are very nice: Great colours made from practical materials, and occasionally fancy crochet stitches. Other common methods include sewing on floral appliques, making colourful stripes and the like. On the other hand, it really doesn’t hurt to make something fun and simple!

Brainstorming Exercise using 3 free patterns below


Photos & Free Pattern from Lion Brand Market Tote

When you look at a crochet market tote, what do you see?

  • Consider its shape: What does it resemble?
  • Embellishments: If you were to add eyes to one angle, what would you do?
  • From different angles, the bag may have potentials to look quite different.

Geometric Breakdown

Let’s take a look at some of the possible items we can associate the shape with. For this segment, I’m only focusing on the “narrow side” as the front side. Next entry I’m going to be talking about using the “wide side” as the main side of the bag.

At a glance I can think of at least 7 possible items. Of course some are a bit of a stretch, like a bloated bowling pin. If you are into amigurumi and cutesy things, try adding facial features to them. You may end up making your own characters by changing the colours and adding simple details.

My Work in progress

WIPDroplet1a WIPdroplet1

Starting with the most straight forward one, I’ll be working my way through some of these ideas. Thanks once again for tuning into my first segment of Fantastical Blender! What do you think of the Creative Juice sample so far?

Coming up with ideas isn’t as difficult as you think! Are you inspired? It would be super uber duper nice of you if you can LINK BACK to my post here!  Share your work with me as I’ll be completing some of these designs as well.

Any thoughts, comment, or feedback? Constructive criticisms are always welcomed! Until next time *poof*

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