Molly Marmalade Yarn Critters & Stuff

is a humble yarn & hook project started by me, a silly human called Ms. Taffy, who is often accompanied by the imagination-powered jellyfish Molly Marmalade. We’re from Vancouver, BC Canada.

Focusing on mainly all natural fibres, Molly Marmalade Yarn Critters & Stuff aims to deliver kids toys and wearables that are naturally fun.  Visit the categories below to read more about the choice of fibres, designs, and more!


handmadeHandmade >> whose hands?

Mine.  I even wash my hands with soap before starting my projects. That’s why I have suffered from minor separation anxiety when I had to send my work away. I guarantee that there’s no footwork involved!


It’s all natural–Find out about my choice of yarn and why I tend to favour natural fibres.


Is it comfy and practical? Is it safe? Find out more about what I consider apart from bringing my crazy scribbles to life.

Ms. Taffy The Imaginater, Yarn Fiddler

My secret identity is Ms. Taffy, the Imaginater at Molly Marmalade. Although I have no secret powers, my real identity is still a mystery… or is it? Read more to find out.