Ms. Taffy The Imaginater, Yarn Fiddler

Who is Ms. Taffy?

Despite her love for superheroes, Ms. Taffy REALLY doesn’t have any superpowers. She lives in a humble burrow in Vancouver BC, Canada with other genetically dissimilar grown ups.  Ms. Taffy  has a cubical day job, declares Spock and Batman as her heroes, and does stuff. This makes her a regular Jane who  enjoys multiple cups of joes.

Some days, Ms. Taffy believes her head is an extension of Skymall catalogue: Her over-active brain continually pumps out equally brilliant and dead-beat ideas.  These ideas then get to  translated into her wacky crochet designs.

Ms. Taffy likes to pretend that she knows how to doodle and that English is not her second language. That’s when she shamelessly publishes her blog entries.

If you wish to find out how Ms. Taffy learned to crochet, visit this entry and the mysteries of the universe will be unveiled.