Some decades ago, Ms. Taffy liked to taste and chew on many things. This has inspired Ms. Taffy to incorporate more chew-friendly, biodegradable yarn for curious children who have developed an acquired taste.

eco100% Natural & Natural Recovered Fibres Yarn

While I use 100% Natural Fibres yarn for all the wearables and toys for young children, I also enjoy using yarn that contains viscose (processed from natural origin cellulose). If it fits well with my designs, I also try my best to incorporate wooden buttons!

Reduce the itch: Non-Prickly Material

With children’s sensitive skin in mind, I’m very cautious about selecting non-prickly yarn.  Since natural wool fibres often has a certain degree of prickliness to it, I’m inclined to use a mixture of fibres such as cashmere, baby alpaca, merino, and yarn derived from natural plant viscose.

Natural & Synthetic Biodegradable Yarn: Wool Allergy & Vegan Options 

naturalWhile wool and cashmere are common materials for yarn, I completely understand the preferences for non-animal derived material.  I’d be more than happy to substitute the yarn with cotton, bamboo, other plant viscose. I would also be more inclined to use biodegradable, partial synthetic materials first such as rayon or nylon before using acrylic blends.

Machine Washable

As a clumsy and messy child and an adult who hates doing laundry, I am a strong believer of machine washable clothes.  Therefore I try my best to incorporate machine washable yarn into some of my designs especially for the young ones.

synthAcrylic + Sythetic Yarn Blends
I do use acrylic and acrylic blend yarn.  They are strictly reserved for non-wearable items such as holiday decorations and some freebies such as Adopt a Jelly.

These days I’m trying to transition to either an acrylic blend, or other types of synthetic blends.


Exception: Why use Acrylic Yarn Blends for Donated Items?

Although wool and other natural fibres can be very warm and comfortable, they are not as practical when it comes to durability and care. When giving to organizations, we may wish to consider giving items that are machine washable and dryable.  Read more here


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