Adopt A Jelly Project

Far too often

mmjellyprojectWe forget what it’s like to discover something new–something unexpected that makes us smile. Just like Molly, we may have become too preoccupied with the glitches in life that we forget about the awesome things we can do.

So what happens when we see something silly? You know, like a jellyfish hanging off a lamp-post on a dreary day? How would you react  when you notice a  critter smiling at you JUST when you believe that Murphy’s Law has exerted too much power over you?  Did you forget how much you used to love creative projects, but stopped because you were told that you weren’t cut out to for it?

Just For Fun

mmhighfiveOriginally as a one-time attempt to make people smile, I have decided to turn this into a semi-regular project.  With mobile phone and digital cameras, smart phones and their ridiculous amount of apps, data plans and wi-fi, it’s a wonder that we don’t use these services often to spark creativity and look at the world in a completely different perspective.  Therefore, the Adopt a Jellyfish Project has become an idea towards exploring the dynamics between technology, social media, lifestyle, creativity and community connection.

Found It!!


By leaving jellyfish at random places, I hope to bring smiles and spark mini connections between passerby. Although I haven’t heard back from some jellyfish, the ones who were adopted seemed to have an amazing life! Their new adoptive families wrote me about their awesome adventures and sent me photos.  After all, who would’ve known that something mundane like a pickle jar on the street or a flight of stairs can become interesting?  So far, people seemed to have enjoyed the creative process and generally had a blast with it!

The Pool! It’s Expanding!

jellyenvOver time, I have also encouraged friends and acquaintance to become involved with Adopt a Jelly Project. So far, I have mailed out some jellyfishies to people from other cities and have the people distribute them. Hopefully, I will do this more often and see what kind of ideas people can come up with!

Now that you’ve learned about my project, meet some of the adopted jellyfish and their adventures!