Drop that Y-Bomb: Yarnbomb Q&A Pt.1

So earlier in the week, someone on a crochet forum has sparked a conversation on how to go about yarnbombing and covering stuff. Before answering the questions on “How to Cover stuff”, I’m going to blab a bit.

What about Yarnbombing?

Through the years, I’ve noticed a few different categories of yarn street art (aka Yarnbombing). Hardcore fibre artists/gurus have probably addressed this already but here’s my attempt to categorize them:

  • Quilting, Cozies & Covering
  • Interactive
  • Combination

In the next couple of entries, I’m going to doodle and speak more about the other types of yarnbombing. For the purpose of the forum Q&A, I’m going to focus only on what I call “Quilting, Cozies & Covering”

Quilting, Cozies & Covering

Photo from yarn-bombing.com - Visit the site to see way more awesomeness!

Photo from yarn-bombing.com – Visit the site to see way more awesomeness!

This style seems to be particularly common form of yarnbombing. It’s relatively quick
and painless. They almost always look really awesome. Made up of granny squares and different crochet stitches, the yarnbombing pieces can provide artists with the flexibility of shaping their work. In some ways, it’s like a giant quilt cozy where you sew different parts together to keep the structures warm!

Left: Flexibility of Granny Square yarnbombing illustrated by Alessandra at Just Be Happy Life. She does awesome work and you should totally check out her site!

Above:Advanced Yarnbombing: Crocheting shapes that can fit perfectly around an existing structure/sculpture.

You now want to run around tow and cover things in yarn? Me too! All you need is a bit of planning and preparation. Click to read my poorly drawn yet informative guide 🙂

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“Drink Sloth Milk Today”

The thing about having roommates

IMAG2121_2is that we’re kind of ruthless to each other.  Just the other day, I was mentioning that we’re running low on milk while I emptied the last bit of Almond Breeze into my coffee. “Remind me to grab some milk when we head out,” I said to roommate #1.  Immediately she responded with “What kind?”

In my head, it was clear and self-explanatory.  Of course! Only almond milk that goes with coffee and cereal. Roommate #1 doesn’t even drink moo milk! For the rest of us, the good old glass bottle MOOOO milk belongs to baking, cooking and soup.

“Sloth” I said with a straight face, “Sloth milk”.

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Setting up the Flat & House Warming: I’m making progress

Setup2Still too busy with Life Stuff!

Between settling in at my new flat and finishing up a major event at work and taking on even MORE responsibilities than before… I barely had time to breathe!  Thankfully, I’ve had some days off here and there, so I am still gradually setting up my new home.

Long story short, the place is still rather cluttered due to poor time management, but I’m excited that it’s finally coming along!

Setup1Alas, A Fully functional kitchen that’s organized?

Apart from thinking, reading and crafting, cooking & baking is actually a part of my decompressing routine. To me, there’s always a greater satisfaction when my decompressing outlets fall inside of functional demands.  I mean hey… most of us have to eat in order to survive anyway right?

Faking it: Close all doors to the rooms & Pretend the flat is organized!

A couple weeks ago, we had a low profile house warming event.  Due to my introversion, I’m usually inclined to create interactive activities for guests to engage in.  This time was no different: I came up with a “Mix your own drinks” station instead of boring old drinks. Continue reading

Life and Junk in Spring: Bad Gut, House Hunting & Introversion

That stupid Anxiety Bug!

Like a nasty bedbug, I’m surviving but being rather dormant on my blog and some social media for a while.  Truth be told, it has been a little stressful and my anxiety disorder has been flaring up like no tomorrow.  Although still semi functional, it’s like this everyday uphill battle against the “OWWW MY GUT!” syndrome.  On the bright side, I’ve become the certified walking app for locating the “Closest Lavatory” in the areas I frequent.  Carrying a giant Lysol Air Freshener in my bag is something only one of my best friend/gut twin would understand.

Housing Wanted: Demolition of Gnome House

A couple months ago, we received the sad news that our Gnome House is getting knocked down.  It has only been short period of time:  the time it takes for two sets of 23 chromosomes to combine and churn into a baby.  Nonetheless, it has been one of the awesomer times in my life.  Somehow that arrangement was perfect, and no one was in anyone’s faces.  Besides, living with one of my best friend at age 30 has probably been the best thing a non-married person could ask for.


Because life happens, 2.5 of the house will no longer be living together.   Off to find a flat in this horrifyingly expensive city.  Suddenly, working in non-profit charities doesn’t seem like a good idea any more.

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Hey, looking good! Crochet Dapper Gear

boo_tie2I absolutely love Ties & Bow ties

Apart from my classic oxford shoes, they were possibly two of my favourite parts of my school uniform from when I was a child–ties for winter, and bow ties for summer.  Even years ago when I had a cat companion, I got some ribbons and made him a bow :3


Of course now bow ties have been back in style for a while now and Mr. C had been eyeing them for sometime. Over the holidays, Mr. C had grudgingly said he would go with me to a local craft show called Got Craft–which I highly recommend peeps to check it out if you’re in Vancouver. When we got in, Mr. C got quite excited when he saw the artists. Just like last time, he zipped here and there to examine all the fascinating booths oooing and ahhing at the amazing craftsmanship. It didn’t take long for us to locate Belevedere and we finally got him a handmade bow tie! Check out Barefoot Contessa’s article on Belvedere–Classy Goods for Classy Gents.
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Greatest Achievement of 2013 (is a lie)

snowconebrothersHere peeps, open your mouth so I can feed you a lie.

The epic Ms. Taffy “greatest achievement of 2013” came as a painful pun. It always starts like this: I wake up and I’m not cranky. On the same pulp-less, zest-less days, I have painfully punny cartoons running through my head. While some puns are worse than others, this particular pun has materialized.  Now comes the truth: Puns aren’t achievements at all. Nonetheless in the name of our jolly holiday, here is what I’ve done:

I’ve always had a fondness for the Abominable Snowman. Out of SNOWwhere (Ha got you), a game show scenario came into my head where the blob monster host says “Behold, the Abominable Snow cone!”

Sh*t son, that’s awesome, I thought to myself. Despite the game show prize being a friggin’ Abominable Snow Plow, I don’t think I have the balls to come up with that. Before I know it, I scribbled the ideas onto the Ms. Taffy Book of Madness and started to come up with the shapes. Continue reading

Life of Ms. Taffy: Xmas is so last year Issue

ImageHoliday Recap

Whether it’s a short 1 day break or weeks long vacation to la-la land, I hope everyone had a chance to chill out and are slightly more refreshed now that it’s 2014. Much like any crafter out there, I’ve spent my holiday mostly making stuff. Despite my hands hurting like a mofo for the past week, I’m finally back to the grind! Really for those who wonder why handmade things cost quite a bit, it’s because we need to help out the Tiger Balm and Pail Killers company.

For now though, I must remind myself what I’ve done over the weeks prior to moving on.



Rock Star? Check .
Regulard Coffee? Check.
Canned Imported Coffee? Check.
Caffeinated chocolate? Check.
Feline Greenies? Check. Wait…..What?

Ironically to survive the holidays with less sleep than I have during my work days, I’ve consumed an excessive amount of caffeine beverages and caffeine induced goods that can shorten my mortality rate.

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A week late–but Thanks, Congrats and Stuff

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERASo I didn’t win the contest, but that’s totally fine!

I’m super happy that the 3 contestants won since they are ABSOLUTELY AWESOME–and totally deserve the popularity vote! In case you don’t know what I’m talking about, you can see the hundreds of amazing creations here at amigurumipatterns.net contest entries and be amazed by the winners here.  I swear I voted for a couple of them myself, so it’s great to know that others share similar sentiments towards the winners! Continue reading

So I grew some balls and…. made it?

For most people, entering an online contest is a piece of cake right? I mean in a first world country, competitions and taking initiatives are the new Pavlov’s dog reaction. Ding ding–do your thing, get a thing. Simple.

Half my life ago, some kind of phenomenon emerged: An incredibly common yet inhibiting pathology had surfaced–something that could turn any T-Rex into a cowardly mouse. Since then, I have been battling with it and nothing was ever the same.

Reality Check through Imagination

ImageAfter taking some time to learn and slowly let go, I found out about a design contest on amigurumipatterns.net. Immediately, I was inspired to rework a concept that I had from a while back by incorporating my dormant passion for music & a cartoon sh*t storm that brewed in my head. Essentially, it’s about a bunch of anthropomorphic cats of different breed names & origins (mirror various ethnic & geographical origins) coming together to play in an international folk band.

“His name is Jeremiah Johnson”, I said to Mr. C while doodling this and hearing a walking bass line in my head– “He is an Abyssinian + North American Short Hair Cat”.  Within minutes, I went all  “Harold with his Purple Crayon”  and came up with more crudely drawn characters.

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Alas, an update and everything has changed AHHHHH!

It had been so terribly long since I’ve updated my blog, and I REALLY don’t like changes. Whether I like it or not, changes were made and since my last update, I have…


  • Stumbled upon an amazing Mexican restaurant during a sh*t storm
  • Discovered a local old fashion Soda/Fountain Beverage Shop
  • Assisted a fallen bumblebee and nursed it back to flight
  • Once again, rolled 10+ sided dice playing table top with designer vinyl figurines
  • Acquired Shamy figurines and ended up with just Sheldon Cooper on my desk
  • Rented a button maker, found a local store to order the parts & made a bunch of pinback buttons
  • Grudgingly bid farewell to a ROCKING neighborhood cat (RIP cat)
  • Securing down a job & w/awesome coworkers who picked me flowers
  • Moved to a new living arrangement
  • Hosted a nostalgic, childhood-like conspiracy theory themed birthday party
  • Baked an alien autopsy cake & made a UFO light out of tupperware and lights
  • Saw some nerdy graffiti & started cooking.

That’s a list of mundane accomplishments there, but I am pretty easily excited to begin with in the first place.

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