2014 Fall-Winter Charities


Keep Warm & Make  a Difference!

Frankly my sales are not that big since I’m starting off.  Nonetheless, I’ll be directed 10% of the proceeds from my winter sales towards two local shelters + programs in Vancouver.

So far my creations are geared towards women, youth and children. In turn I thought I should give back to similar demographics:

1) Covenant House Vancouver

This local organization branch offers a safe sanctuary and programs for youths age 16-24 year old who are facing crisis and undesirable domestic situations. From Crisis Program & Shelters to Street Outreach and education, Covenant House has been supporting young people for over 15 years.

2) Powell Place & Springhouse Shelter: Women & Children program
by The Bloom Group (formerly St. James’ Community Services)

Powell Place is one of the women’s only emergency shelters in Vancouver.  Since the beginning of this year, The Bloom Group has begun the process of expanding Powell Place shelter to doubling its capacity.  Its sister program, Springhouse Shelter, is so far the only Vancouver women’s shelter that accepts male children over the age of 12 year old .  Apart from shelter services, children and family-building programs are also a part of Springhouse program.

I highly recommend checking out both of these organizations.




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