2014 June-July Fundraising


Thank you for your support!!! Molly Marmalade Yarn Critters & Stuff has not only reached our goal of $1000, but we’ve doubled it thanks to you!  Donations to this campaign is now closed.  If you haven’t received your gift by the middle of August 2014 and have not made any specific arrangements with me, please fill in the form and contact me here.

It was super fun, and I hope that there will be other opportunities to craft for other local charitable organizations.  Thank you once again!



Thank you for joining Molly Marmalade to help make a difference in people’s lives!

Summer June- July 2014 Charity:

Burnaby Counselling Group – Burnaby, BC –  Mental Health, Counselling Services

Campaign:  Done in a Day: Overcoming Mountains for Mental Health
Program: 100% raised funds from Done in a Day campaign goes towards subsidizing clients who are coping with emotional & relational distress, or working towards mental wellness.  Burnaby Counselling Group offers affordable private counselling sessions to people who are in need of financial assistance.
Ways to give: Online Giving through CHIMP

Please fill out the form below ONLY if: 
– you have already given through CHIMP
– you have any questions regarding Molly Marmalade’s charitable Thank You gifts

Since everything is handmade, individual items and colours may look slightly different.  There’s also a limited supply of Done in a Day magnet & pinback set, so get them while you can!  If  I run out of something and you REALLY REALLY REALLY wish to make a donation & get the items, I will try my best to accommodate that. So far, everything is still in stock!

Happy giving, and spread the cheer!