Crochet Blogs & Resources: Beginners Friendly

Crafty Minx: This is one of the best laid out website I’ve seen. Crafty Minx called this series her “crochet school”. She has everything laid out perfectly–it’s like a crochet curriculum! From learning about different types of yarn to fundamental stitches & reading patterns, Crafty Minx will teach you everything!

Moogly Blog: From basics and advanced, Moogly Blog features both video & photo tutorials for everyone.  There are also many great, free patterns with an introduction on crochet abbreviations.

Craftsy–Crochet Section: Craftsy is an all around craft resources website: Whether it’s papercrafts, sewing, or yarn work, Craftsy has it all. The link here is a downloadable guide to Beginner’s Crochet that outlines the basic stitches.

Planet June: 5-6 years ago, I learned everything I needed to know about crochet from Planet June. As a beginner who started their very first crochet work with “amigurumi” (crochet stuffed dolls in rounds), Planet June was the ultimate magical place. This is an exceptional website for learning to crochet in rounds whether it’s hats or stuffed dolls.

New Stitch A Day: This website is great after you’ve masted the basic single crochet, half double crochet, double crochet, chaining. New Stitch A Day has tutorials to teach you different types of stitches (or combination) past the basics. By integrating some of these stitches, your regular scarf can look a lot more exciting!



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