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Original Patterns + Designs

 Original Patterns: Modeled after illustrations

Kids books,cartoons, comic books, and random illustrations. Needless to say, my life was pretty much over when I joined Twitter thanks to: #illustrations,  #illo, #sketch_dailies, and the recent #colour_ collective hashtags.  Although I haven’t had a chance to work more creations, I’ve had a couple opportunities to turn a couple illustrations into 3D.  It was a wicked ride, and I can’t wait to more of these.

Projects Created From + Inspired by your patterns

I’m often amazed by all the crochet gurus out there, especially towards the artists who have kept a well manicured blog. Truth be told, I wouldn’t have started crocheting without online tutorials, interesting designs and free patterns that are available online.

By following patterns and sometimes putting my own spin them, the “Franken-pattern” experiments had inspired me to create a completely different design.