Conceptually Speaking


It’s The Information Age after all, so you can find digital patterns to video tutorials in just a click. Instead of being the 50th person who does a “magic ring” tutorial or the 207th upload for “foundation chain how-to” video, I’d like to encourage some creative flow by going over some basic concepts.

Less rigid than patterns

Accompanied by my ghastly illustrations, I hope to provide information for you to extrapolate upon. These guidelines are less rigid than patterns, which allows you to utilize your resources on hand as well as developing your own patterns.

For example–Crochet Female Wristband

If you understand:

  • Average Female size wrist is from 5.5-7″
  • A wristband is basically a rectangle or circle
  • You can use any stitches to create that rectangle/circle
  • You can use stitches to accent the texture like ribbing or bobble stitches
  • You can close the wristband with buttons, clasps, ties or none (if slip on)
  • You can embroider, felt, or sew on appliques afterwards

you can start conceptualizing your project with your choice of yarn and hook.