Crochet Pocket Wristband: Forum Q&A Decoded- Scribbled Reply #3

It can be difficult to answer questions on Facebook forums with short, limited suggestions. There’s only so much you can do before crashing into the computer screen and show someone the “how-to”.  So I’ve started half-ass scribbling diagrams as follow-up to my replies.  This is NOT my original design at all, but I have no idea who to attribute the design to since it’s just a picture. If you know who came up with this idea, I’d be thrilled to credit them & link back.

Right now, I’m simply breaking down the idea  for educational purpose and encourage others’ creativity! Remember: You can ALWAYS change up a design by using your FAVOURITE STITCH! Click on the diagram below for a larger view.


UPDATE: Alternative #2 for Attaching Pocket

I thought about this further and thought of another way to attach the pocket.  This way will make the wristband look neater since there won’t be any visible joins or stitches.  On the other hand, putting cards or bulky objects in this way will probably make your wrist feel less comfortable.  The objects will be pressing against your wrist with very little padding whereas the method above can provide a bit more padding as a card holder.



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