Fingerless Gloves Touch-up: Brainstorm Session Q&A #4

Forum Q&A #4: Help! My fingerless Gloves look too plain!

While some of us like our fingerless gloves plain & simple, others struggle to think of what to do to make their creations pop.  To spark some ideas, I’ve suggested a few different ideas:



Started off as a orangey clay colour fingerless glove with grey highlights, the person was wondering if they should add anything to them.  My follow up question is always this: What would you like the outcome to reflect?

Cute & Elegant: 
A decorative border, similar to what one may use on an afghan, would certainly give it a cute and elegant look. It can be lacy or a simple picot edge.

Casual & Natural:
This style is pretty common too. A simple row of buttons down the side can make the fingerless glove pop a bit, giving it more texture. You can also consider using decorative buttons for children, or wooden & brass buttons to complement against a neutral colour yarn for adults.

A small or medium applique on the corner – I suppose that concept works too, like wooden rocking horse button!

Something Different:
Corset lace with ribbons, leather cords, silk string, shoe lace.. what have you. For an easy method, just pinch both sides and loosely lace up the fingerless glove. You can even line the sides with grommets/eyelets before lacing up.

Centre Piece:
This seems to be a fairly common approach. Whether it’s a flower applique, a symbol, or an animal, people seem to prefer them. It’s a very versatile way to personalize the handmade accessories.

I hope the 5 main ideas have gotten some of your creative juice flowing! The best part of this? There’s no wrong answer. Everyone has their own preference, so just think about it and enjoy the creative process!



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