What’s that Smell? Simple ways to deodorize yarn

“Just spray some Winter Berry or Spring Fresh household products on it”

“Put your yarn ball in a stocking, then in a pillow case, then in the washing machine..”

“Oh that’s gross. If it smells bad, you should probably throw it away.”

“I’ve heard that charcoal works well, but I haven’t tried it yet.”

Forum Discussions–one of the things I have a love-hate relationship with. For one, many of us are now able to ask simple questions without having to burden a librarian. It’s also really interesting to see all these “life hacks” and “home remedies” that people can come up with.  Sadly though, our eagerness to share are sometimes causing more confusion as one simple question would result in 300+ posts.  So then which suggestions are worth giving a try?


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