Yarn Bomb Q&A Series

So earlier in the week, someone on a crochet forum had sparked a conversation on how to go about yarnbombing and covering stuff. Before answering the questions on “How to Cover stuff”, I’m going to blab a bit.

What about Yarnbombing?

Through the years, I’ve noticed a few different categories of yarn street art (aka Yarnbombing). Hardcore fibre artists/gurus have probably addressed this already but here’s my attempt to categorize them:

  • Quilting, Cozies & Covering
  • Interactive
  • Combination

In the next couple of entries, I’m going to doodle and speak more about the other types of yarnbombing. For the purpose of the forum Q&A, I’m going to focus only on what I call “Quilting, Cozies & Covering”

Quilting, Cozies & Covering

Photo from yarn-bombing.com - Visit the site to see way more awesomeness!

Photo from yarn-bombing.com – Visit the site to see way more awesomeness!

This style seems to be particularly common form of yarnbombing. It’s relatively quick
and painless. They almost always look really awesome. Made up of granny squares and different crochet stitches, the yarnbombing pieces can provide artists with the flexibility of shaping their work. In some ways, it’s like a giant quilt cozy where you sew different parts together to keep the structures warm!

Left: Flexibility of Granny Square yarnbombing illustrated by Alessandra at Just Be Happy Life. She does awesome work and you should totally check out her site!

Above:Advanced Yarnbombing: Crocheting shapes that can fit perfectly around an existing structure/sculpture.


Notably, Magda Sayed has got to be one of my favourite yarn artists.  When you type “yarn bombing” into an image search, chances are Ms. Sayed’s creative and often colourful work will catch your eyes. Check out patternbank blog’s article on Magda Sayed.  *featured image taken from this article.

Now you’d like to run around town and cover things in yarn? Me too! All you need is a bit of planning and preparation. Click to read my poorly drawn yet informative guide 🙂


Forum Q&A: Scribbled Answer on “How To Cover Stuff” – Conceptually Speaking


Take it up to another level:


I hope my scribbles can provide a bit more background into the “how to” approach on “covering” style of yarnbombing. Stay tuned for more if you like my yarnbomb ramblings! Remember: Be bold, be creative, and just have fun!


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